12 August 2008



Organization is essential for the textbooks to make being perfect acceptance all students.Firstly, table of content must be provide especially this textbook. For this textbook are provide easy to refer every pages through on the table of content. Besides that, the format table of content is very easy to cover because the arrangement are very appropriate.The glossary for this textbook are provide in the last pages which is including meaning of certain words history.But it are not completed because of not have the index.

Secondly, the table of contents must show a logical arrangement and make easy to students get the information and fully notes based on the topics. but it also have the weakness which this textbook are not provided references, bibliographies and other resources. this is cause it make not completed. so, it can't helpful students to make sure get the resources information.

Lastly, this textbook perfectly have numbered are using. The first pages have used roman words and for the contain chapter are uses numbered. these make student to determine each pages very clearly.


The content have be supported by other textbooks that student have because its have related same point for other textbooks especially the same subject. its also are use the clearly language appropriate for the intended are group and suitable for this subject. The fully grammatically are correct and the bold words for every pages refer the essential words have students to know.

The end of lesson have questions. This is make student note bored and can encourage higher level thinking. Besides that, they are can improve their reminder for each chapter. But, this textbook are not interesting completed uses lesson encourage higher level thinking because of the questions are bored. Most of the questions just based on subjective. If it make a new something releven such as provides quizzes or jigsaw and others.

This textbooks can't used for several years because the method of teaching should be changes. So, are not appropriate to use the latest days. Besides that, each sentences must changes refer the global teaching.


Based on our reviewed, the size and weighted of the textbook are appropriate for students which will use it because of in this it have many facts and questions and it suitable for students. It size and weight also not be a burden to students. Besides that, binding, pages, cover its also are provided. this is because it use a quality of paper and students will use it for a long time. the arrangement and design for cover pages are very interesting and suitable picture and colors.

The illustrations, tables, figure, graph, chart etc in this book are releven and not functional because it can attract students. It also suitable for students who enthuse with colourful of illustration, graph etc.

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